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Discover Your Next Read with

If you’re finding yourself in a literary lull and just can’t seem to figure out what to read next, try This site offers its users a variety of criteria to use in order to narrow their search for the perfect book to read next.

Using, you will be able to search books based on the mood and emotions they evoke, the type of characters and plot which shape the story, and even the real-world location of the setting (though you can narrow down the setting to the realm of the imaginary). Best of all, using these search parameters is both intuitive and informative. For example, the Mood and Emotion filters feature a slider so you can easily adjust exactly how silly or serious you’d like your next recommendation to be. Once you have all of your refinements in place, will generate a list of books that matches your criteria, displaying a bit of synopsis and an excerpt from the book. It’s a great way to escape your reading rut, so check it out!

Accessibility Tools Have Come to the Town of Ulster Library Website

If you or someone you know has difficulty navigating the internet due to visual impairment, you may be interested to know that changes have come to the library’s website to help. When you arrive at the homepage of the website, you will now find the last tab on the grey tool bar labeled ‘Accessibility Tools’. Clicking on this tab will activate Recite Me, which will read any text on the website as you hover over it.

Other tools will be at your disposal as well, including a digital magnifying glass, a translation tool for a number of different languages, a means of changing or increasing the size of the website’s font, as well as a screen masking tool which will drastically limit your field of view while navigating the website. It’s getting easier all the time to learn about all of the resources at your local library!

Get Connected with a Digital Navigator via Hudson Valley Connected

So many things happen online! If you can’t connect to the internet easily, it can be hard to find a job, housing, deal with bills, and more. Digital Navigators of the Hudson Valley can help you get online at the library or use your device to get things done. Digital navigators are trusted guides that can help you with your tech questions for free. Connect with your doctor. Connect with job opportunities. Connect with friends and family. Connect with confidence!

Learn more about how these trained, trusted guides can help at, or stop in at the Town of Ulster Public Library to speak to our digital navigators, Graham and Josh about your technology questions. The library has Tech Time on Tuesdays from 5-6PM, Wednesdays 12-1PM, and Saturdays 10:30-11:30AM, which is a dedicated time for you to ask such questions. So feel free to stop by and ask away.

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