Exciting news on the addition of the Reading Room


Dear neighbor,

The construction of the Reading Room is moving swiftly and it is really looking great! In addition to adding a semi private, multi-use and quiet space to the library, it is also adds visual interest and beauty to the building.

This is Phase One of the Library’s Master Plan for the building –  which is guided by a series of community conversations and surveys, a process we began in 2013. You can read more about that process, gain an overview of the process, and learn by reading the letter from Anne Davis, Board President, linked here.

Over the last six years we have applied for grants both large and small, held book sales, bake sales, raffles and other fundraisers and received generous donations from community members and businesses alike. In addition, we wish to thank the Honorable Senator George Amedore and Assemblymember Kevin Cahill, Ulster Savings Bank Charitable Foundation and the Bank of Greene County Charitable Foundation for their support of the project.

In order to minimize closures and disruption to library services, the contractors are building a temporary wall to work behind. This requires that a number of  books be placed in storage – but don’t worry, those will be back. We ask for your patience during this exciting process and look forward to grand-opening the new Reading Room with all of you by the end of the year.

Thank you again for supporting your library!

Trace Your Family Tree with HeritageQuest

Have you ever wanted to know more about your family tree? If so, the library might be able to help you with a plethora of genealogy research tools, including HeritageQuest. You can find HeritageQuest by clicking on the Stop Searching Start Finding link on our website and selecting the History and Genealogy tab at the top of the page, or by clicking here. Then, simply enter your library card number and click connect to start exploring. 

Once on the site you can search for information about your relatives by looking through a variety of records, including US and Canadian censuses, Revolutionary War Era pensions, and the Freedman’s Bank. Information such as your relative’s full name, nationality, place and time of birth can be entered to narrow down your search. With some hunting around, you can discover what lies at the roots of your family tree!

Get Text Message Notifications

Text message notifications are here!

Have you ever wished you could get your library notifications by text? Now you can. Find out your holds are ready to pick up and get your overdue and auto renewal notices by text message. To opt in, login to your account online, go to where it says “edit”, enter your mobile phone number, opt in and submit. You will still receive phone or email notifications.

Explore Mohonk Preserve

Introducing Town of Ulster Library passes to Mohonk Preserve! That means if you check out a pass, you can get in for free! You just need to go to one of the trailheads or visitor center to get your entry wristband. What’s more, we also have museum passes to the Hudson River Maritime Museum.

And we’re not the only ones with museum passes. If you go to our online catalog and search museum pass, you can see all of the passes in the library system. Please note: different libraries have different lending rules. Some libraries only check out passes to members of their  own library. All  of the passes need to be checked out at the owning library.


The History and Mystery of Tarot with Marcy Goulart

The History and Mystery of Tarot with Marcy Goulart

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 6PM

Marcy Goulart is an intuitive psychic who has been reading
the tarot cards for over forty years. Her list of clients would
read like the who’s who in People Magazine. Among her
clients are major industrialists, rock stars, leaders of
fortune 500 companies, writers, politicians, and show business greats.

This program is interactive. Attendees will each pick a card that “speaks” to
them and later will be interpreted within the group as time is allowed.
Attendees are encouraged to have a question ready and be prepared to have fun.

Town of Ulster Library Used Book and Bake Sale Fundraiser Saturday, September 21st, 10AM – 2PM

  • 11AM – 12PM : Special Musical Story Hour with Ms. Kelley
  • 10AM – 2PM: Lularoe Jess Negron pop-up truck (lularoe.com)
  • 11 AM – 2 PM Hot dogs & burgers sponsored by the Town of Ulster Kiwanis Club!
  • Register for a Library Card!
  • Time TBD Music from the Library’s Ukulele Club
  • 10AM – 2PM: Book Sale, Awesome Raffles, Bake Sale!


Anatomy of a Research Study

So you’ve connected with your interesting academic paper, but upon approach, it appears rather confusing and full of jargon. Have no fear, papers can be intimidating for the uninitiated. Once you know the lay of the land, they’re easier to understand.

While papers vary across disciplines, scientific studies mostly stick to a particular format:

Abstract: A brief summary of the paper. This is the first place you want to look to make sure the paper has what you’re looking for. Depending on how curious you are, it might be as far as you need to go.

Introduction: An overview of the existing research and the study itself. This will supply helpful information putting everything in context.

Methods: The details of the experiment itself. Unless you’re a researcher or interested in methodology, the casual reader might skip this section.

Results: This will give the details of the statistical analysis and what they found. Again, unless you’re a fellow researcher or want to examine the numbers, this might be skipped.

Discussion: This will tell you what they found and talk about its implications and future potential research directions. This is the part that popular press articles generally focus on.

Papers from the humanities tend to have a more traditional, essay type structure, though they also have abstracts.

Beyond the Academic Paywall with NOVELNY

So you’ve found an academic article that looks interesting, if the article’s open access, all is well, but if it’s behind a paywall, then the library might be able to help.

Enter NOVELNY, the New York Online Virtual Electronic Library. NOVELNY has databases filled academic journals, newspapers, magazines and other reference resources; it’s available free to everyone in New York. Just go to the databases and let it authenticate your location or enter your library card number and pin and look for your article.