Medicare Basics

Medicare Basics

Tuesday Night at the Library. RSVP via the Office for the Aging, 845-340-3456

Foreign Language Fun

Looking to learn a new language? Want to brush up on one before you travel abroad?

Here are two awesome programs:

Duolingo: It’s free! No library card required. It utilizes gamification techniques to keep you motivated and interested, so you keep playing their short, fun lessons. You can practice your verbal skills with bots (if you’re not quite ready for humans). And it has social network features that allow you to connect with fellow learners. Just go to or download it from the app store).

Mango: Also free, as long as you’ve got a library card. It breaks down complicated languages into easy-to-consume lessons you can download and listen to anywhere! It only teaches conversation, which makes it perfect to download and take with you on long car rides. Master conversational language skills anywhere you have your phone! Over 45 languages available. Try Mango here or download it from the app store.


Identify plants and animals using nothing but your phone!

What is the name of that annoying bird singing to you every morning? Why does it hurt to touch that plant with the hairy leaves? What the heck ARE those things?!

Live in ignorance no more! There’s a series of new phone apps designed to help you learn more about the plants and animals around you. iNaturalist, Cornel’s Merlin bird ID, and pl@ntnet all use users’ pictures and a few questions to identify wildlife for you and expand their database at the same time, making the apps more user-friendly  and accurate the more people use them.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there, smartphone in hand, and get learning! You’ll be expanding the knowledge base of both yourself and wildlife experts.

The Library will be closing at 6PM today, to prepare for our Community Workshop and Brainstorm session.

Just as a reminder, we’re looking for community input to make our library as great as we possibly can! Come in and meet with architect Paul Mays to discuss your ideas to better this library.

We hope to see you tonight at 7!

Happy Pride Month!

Brush up on LGBT+ history with help from your favorite local library (us).

The Mid-Hudson Library System has tons of resources on the issues and accomplishments of the community as whole, and plenty of fiction by famous LGBT+ authors like James Baldwin, or Audre Lorde. Or Sarah Schulman. Or David Levithan. Or Shakespeare. Or Rita Mae Brown. Or Virginia Woolf. Or Oscar Wilde. Or Allison Bechdel. Or… you get the idea.

If magazines are more your speed, You can also check out zinio! We’ve got The Advocate and Out Magazine available online any time you want them, available to check out for as long as you’d like.

Start your own dive through the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the LGBT+ community by looking through our extensive online catalog, found here.

Here's a little LGBT History for ya: The pride flag originally had two more stripes of color: Pink and turquoise. Created by Gilbert Baker in 1978, it was first flown in the San Fransisco Gay Pride parade of that year.


Community Workshops – Thursday, June 15th: 7pm – 9pm (library will close early) or Saturday, June 17th: 10am – 12pm (library will open late)

Community Workshops

The Board of Trustees of the Town of Ulster Library Invites You to:


With Library Architect, Paul Mays (Butler Rowland Mays Architects LLP)

Two opportunities to participate. Please call the library at 845-338-7881

to let us know which you’d like to attend:

Thursday, June 15th: 7pm – 9pm (library will close early)
Saturday, June 17th: 10am – 12pm (library will open late)

MISSION: “Town of Ulster Public Library seeks to bring people, ideas, information, and technology together to enhance lives and build community”

These presentations/workshops will guide us in developing a Master Plan for the Library that reflects the aspirations, needs,and goals of the Town of Ulster community.

It’s your library; we invite you to help shape its future!

One-to-One Career & Job Assistance Sessions

A great opportunity for One-to-One Career & Job Assistance Sessions with Justin Cooper! Free!
Tuesday, June 6th
5:30 – 7:30 PM (One appt. at 5:30 and one at 6:30. You must call to sign up!)

Justin, a volunteer and former Employment Specialist,
will offer free one-hour sessions to assist with basic resume building, interview skills,
Online resources for employment information, application and assessments help!
We’ll hold two sessions to start and more as demand calls for …
Please call or sign up at the circulation desk

Qello Concerts

Want to see your favorite band perform live, but lack the funds to make the trip? Looking to find some cool new music?

Try Qello! It’s a service that gives library users access the world’s largest collection of live concerts and music documentaries. From Ballet to Bob Dylan, Qello has what you’re looking for.

Get started by clicking this link!

Curious how your congressperson is voting? Want to make more informed choices when you vote in 2018?

Hold your congressperson accountable with!

From their website:

“We publish the status of federal legislation, information about your representative and senators in Congress including voting records, and original research on bills and votes.

Use GovTrack to track bills for updates by getting alerts and understand the broader context of legislation through our statistical analyses.”

visit their website by clicking the link above, or this one!

Memorial Day

The Library will be closed Saturday, May 27th and Monday May 29th in observance of Memorial Day.