Introducing– Auto Renewal!

Let your memory relax, Auto Renewals are here. This means pretty much exactly what it sounds like: If you’ve got a book out, and available for renewal, it’ll do so automatically!

Here’s how it works: Two days before your item is due, you will receive an email letting you know your items have been renewed. If you don’t have an email on file with us, your items will still renew, but we won’t be able to contact you!

Your item is eligible for Auto Renewal as long as:

  • Your card is not expired
  • You owe less than $10.00 in fines
  • Your item has not been renewed too many times, and
  • Your item does not have holds on it

Enjoy your extra time with your items and fewer late fines! It’s the Mid-Hudson Library System’s way of saying we care about our patrons.

These Courses are Certifiably Great

As part of the Ulster County Library Association’s expanded deal with RBDigital, we are very happy to announce that Great Courses are now available online for free!

Great Courses are video lectures, given by university professors on a wide variety of subjects, from The Islamic Golden Age to Baking Pastries and Desserts. It’s perfect for any expanding mind, and it’s available at home or on the go! You can access this collection anywhere with an internet connection.

As with AcornTV, You get access to two channels a month with your library card, and each channel is active for one week each. In the context of Great Courses, a “channel” refers to a single course, which means you can access up to two Great Courses a month. Make sure you pace yourself!

So, whether you’re in the mood to learn something new, or you just want to brush up on an old topic, our online Great Courses selection available through RBDigital is a great place to start.  For even more Great Courses, check out the library’s physical collection of video and audio courses.

Sleuth out AcornTV…

Right from your computer!

Our subscription to RBDigital just got expanded again! In addition to offering free magazines, comics, and audiobooks, the online service also gives you access to AcornTV, a premier source of British television for American audiences. You can stream hundreds of fantastic British TV shows on any device with an internet connection. Plus, if you’ve already taken advantage of RBDigital’s other offerings, you don’t even need to create a new account! it’s all covered under the same login.

Your library card allows access to two RBDigital channels a month, which in this case would refer to your acornTV Subscription. These “channels” refer to different things depending on the product, so make sure you read carefully before you choose! In AcornTV, one use of a “channel” gives you access to the whole network for a one-week period.

So, if you’re in the mood for a nail-biting mystery, a classic work of Russian literature brought to life, or a deep dive into the search for Scotland’s most famous cryptid, RBDigital and AcornTV have you covered.

Remember to stay tuned! There’s even more yet to come from RBDigital. Next week: Great Courses!

Escape the Tyranny of the PDF

Have you ever needed to change your resume, only to find that, because it was a PDF, you couldn’t edit it?

With PDFescape, you can.

It’s a free, online program that allows you to edit PDFs. Whiteout things you don’t want, add text where you do, highlight, underline, and add shapes. Move pages, change their orientation, and add new pages.

PDFescape is a great solution for image PDFs. If it’s a text-based PDF (where you can copy and paste text), you can also try Smallpdf where you can convert it into and out of a Word document, a JPEG, a Powerpoint, and many more. See our previous post on it here.

Fear the PDF no more!

Read Free with Project Gutenberg

Want to catch up on the Classics, free of cost?

Go to the library!

Alternatively, visit!

Project Gutenberg is a free online service collecting and digitizing tens of thousands of books in the public domain into a single place! You can download these books in ePub or Kindle format, and then read them anywhere you’d like! No more waiting to read the next chapter of Wuthering Heights, or Dubliners, or Pride and Prejudice.

All of this work has been painstakingly put together by volunteers. If you feel as though you’d like to join the movement preserving the classics in the digital age, see how you can help!

The Library of Congress wants YOU…

…To help them out with the digitization of newspapers!

What better way to celebrate National Library Week than to help out one of the largest libraries in the world?

Beyond Words is a crowdsourced initiative put forward by the National Library to enable people to engage with the past and help researchers and artists to better access and search the material. This sounds daunting, certainly, but the library breaks it up into three simple tasks that you can choose to do at your leisure:

  • Mark, wherein you highlight pictures on a page
  • Transcribe, where you write down the words you see in a picture that has been marked
  • Verify, where you check the work of the volunteers that have done the above options

Essentially, computers can’t really see what’s in a picture until you tell them. By following the three tasks, you can help to bring old newspapers into the modern age!

Be a part of history and try out Beyond Words today!

What do you get when you cross Freddie Mercury, Sherlock Holmes and the New Yorker?

It’s RBDigital

Keeping in the theme of expansions, our subscription to RBDigital has grown! In addition to magazines (Zinio), you can now use your RBDigital login to access Marvel comics, concerts and documentaries about musicians (Quello), and audiobooks of classic literature!

Access on your computer or by app. Since these features are available courtesy of the Ulster County Library Association, make sure when you log in to the app you choose Ulster County Libraries.

So, whether you’re interested in the latest Birds and Blooms Magazine, reading up on some Spider-Man, watching one of Queen’s original performances, or listening to Jane Eyre on audio, RBDigital has you covered.

Stay tuned! There are even more cool changes to come…


Oh, the Places You Might Go…Using CareerZone

Do you know what you want to do when you grow up?

CareerZone can help!

CareerZone is a service provided through the New York State Department of Labor that helps you explore and learn about career possibilities. It’s especially useful for the young and digitally savvy.

Browse through career paths by interest, or use their online interest and values assessment tool to look at jobs separated by education level.  Once you’ve seen some that look interesting, explore further! CareerZone offers in-depth looks at all sorts of careers, taking you through the basic responsibilities of the job in question, as well as average salary, future outlook, skills required, work environment, education level, and so much more!

If you’re wondering about your future career, start with CareerZone.

Q&A with Ken Green of Seedshed. Tuesday, March 26th, 6 PM

Ken Greene is the founder of the first seed library in the country, a project he germinated in a small town library, and co-founder of the Hudson Valley Seed Company, a national seed source devoted to producing seed for home gardeners and farmers and celebrating seeds through art. Greene is on the board of directors for the Organic Seed Alliance and is on the planning committee for the National Organic Seed Growers Conference. He has given presentations for the Northeast Organic Farming Association, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, Culinary Institute of America, Seed Savers Exchange, National Heirloom Expo, Cornell University, Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute, and many other conferences and organizations.

[#39 Indigenous People’s Land Management].

Books are a Riot

Do you like books? Do you like libraries?

Try BookRiot!

BookRiot is a news site geared toward book lovers. They have tons of book-related news and reviews, not to mention tons of cool opinion pieces, and lots of interesting podcasts. So, whether you want to know about the hottest new releases, an opinion piece on Why Writers should read Nonfiction, or a podcast about kidlit, BookRiot is a go-to source!