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Begin Your Journey As An Entrepreneur With The How to Start Something Accelerator

How to Start Something Accelerator powered by Entrepreneur Ready is an entrepreneurship training program, to help people start businesses. The program is opening in New York, in April. The training involved is mostly accomplished online, but at different phases you’ll be encouraged to take your business venture public, meeting your target audience as well as business advisors. You can check out the program by clicking this link.

The program offers entrepreneurship training, 1 on 1 feedback from experienced entrepreneur coaches, workshops, and a community forum.  Online training involves interactive online lessons on various aspects of business planning, and is followed up by support from entrepreneurial mentors. To get a sense of the nuts and bolts of this program, check out their overview video, linked here.

Create Your Own Digital Forms With Wufoo

Looking to send some digital wedding invitations? What about creating an online order form for your flower shop business? Or maybe, you’re looking to design a survey for feedback on your library program. In all of these instances, Wufoo may have a solution for you.

Wufoo is an online form builder which allows you to easily create and track your digital documents once you’ve signed up (for free). When designing a new document, users can opt to either start from scratch or use one of the various templates as a base for their form. Color theme, field layout, and question prompts, are among the various elements which you can tailor to your needs. Once your document is completed, the site provides the tools to share and review responses to your forms.

Users have the option to use Wufoo’s free service which allows them to maintain up to 5 forms at a time and track up to 100 responses to those forms. Alternatively, users can opt to pay for these services on a subscription basis.

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