Turning Outward Community Conversations
Findings – Overview
October 2021

Throughout the spring and summer of 2021, the Town of Ulster Public Library embarked upon a series of Community Conversations, both in person and online, to engage community members to help the library in forming a new strategic plan. That plan is forthcoming, here we present the basic, top-line findings from our conversations – the aspirations and concerns of people in our community. We are grateful to everyone, from town officials to regular citizens, for their participation in this process.

What aspirations do people in the Town of Ulster have for the community, for their children?

  • Safety
  • Opportunity
  • Longevity

What are their main concerns, the top-of-mind issues about the larger community:

  • Lack of a center, a town square, a main street
  • Empty businesses, lack of opportunity
  • Traffic, over reliance on cars, the area is not walkable
  • Conflict between long-time residents and newer people

What specific issues are related to those concerns:

  • Commercial nature of the town, the lack of center, an undefined character
  • Senior population with changing needs
  • Safety/crime/response to crime

What actions would make a difference:

  • Attracting new businesses
  • Highlighting the many town attributes / natural + historical + cultural
  • A unifying event or festival
  • More usable/reliable/understandable public transportation system and sidewalks
  • A central events calendar

Whom do people trust to act:

  • Select citizens, some in government and others active in community groups


These findings are available for download here.
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