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How to Fact Check: Academic Studies

Have you ever read a news story that mentions a recent academic study but didn’t name the study? If you’re online, they usually link to it, but what if you’re reading print?

If you’re still curious about the subject but unsure how to find out more, Google Scholar is here for you. Usually, articles mention the name of the researchers, just search their names, the topic of the study, the year, any identifying information. It might take some hunting but you should be able to find the original academic paper. Stay tuned next week for how to peer behind potential paywalls.

So Many Items, So Many Resources

If you have lots of items both on hold and checked out from the library, it’s never been easier to keep track of them. The library provides a few amazing resources to help you keep track of your items:

Auto renewals: Get an email two days before items are due telling you if your things have been renewed automatically or if they are due soon.

Log in online: See what you have checked out, request items, renew items, view holds, see your reading history and make lists of future things to read.

Library ElfSee what you have checked out on multiple library accounts as well as what’s on hold, when things are due and add due dates to your calendar. Get email and text alerts for approaching due dates and when holds are ready to be picked up. Perfect for families where everyone has their own card with lots of things checked out.

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How to Make a Survey

Have you ever wanted to get feedback from a variety of people on something? Or wanted to make a fun personality quiz for your friends?

Now you can with Google Forms and SurveyMonkey!

Google Forms is free to use with your Google account. SurveyMonkey has a free version and a paid version. Both are easy to use and provide a way to write different kinds of questions to get different feedback. Write multiple-choice type questions, short answer, long answer, ratings and more. Send your questionnaire to people or post a link to it. Check out your responses individually, in a summary chart and/or a spreadsheet.

Check out this fun book rating for a taste!

Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming

From their website: “Project Drawdown is a world-class research and communication organization which serves as a non-partisan, non-commercial, highly-trusted source of solutions to reverse global warming.”

It is a coalition of scientists and researchers working together to gather, quantify and rank existing solutions that work towards the goal of reversing global warming by reducing greenhouse gases.

Check out their website and book for a list and more information about all of their solutions. Some of the solutions are large-scale things that happen at the community and societal level like farmland restoration and educating girls, others are things individuals and businesses can personally work towards like a plant-based diet, reducing food waste and LED lighting.

The Weather of the Future

With climate change, what will my weather look like in fifty years?

A group of researchers from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science made a map to help us find out. They analyzed current weather patterns and projected weather patterns to match a place’s anticipated weather with another place’s current weather. For example, in fifty years given today’s policies,  Kingston’s weather looks most like today’s Sikeston, Missouri.

They mapped out two projections, one with current emissions given today’s global policies and practices compared to one with mitigated emissions. For more information, check out this article and click here for the map. Stay tuned for information on what can mitigate climate change.

How to Stay Cool

It’s vital to you and your loved ones’ health to keep cool in hot weather like this weekend. Make sure to stay in air-conditioned places, like the library, as much as possible. Check out the CDC’s website for more information, and see their guidebook for more about extreme heat and climate change. Stay tuned for more about climate change next week.

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Listen to Audiobooks Without Ever Leaving Home

Listening to an audiobook is a wonderful thing. What if you could listen without ever using a CD player or leaving your home? Thanks to the library, you can.

Your library card gives you access to two great sources of audiobooks online through OverDrive and RBDigital. OverDrive gives you access to lots of contemporary books and RBDigital has lots of classics.

Listen to audiobooks on your phone, tablet and/or computer, with or without an internet connection. Download the Libby app (OverDrive) and/or RBDigital app to start today.

eBooks for Summer

Looking to read something RIGHT NOW, no waiting, no going anywhere?

Read with myON this summer (now through September 30th) courtesy of New York State. MyON has thousands of ebooks suitable for grades K-12. Read it on wi-fi or download it to your device.

Can’t find what you’re looking for on myON? Check out OverDrive our always-available source of eBooks and downloadable audiobooks.