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The Library of Congress wants YOU…

…To help them out with the digitization of newspapers!

What better way to celebrate National Library Week than to help out one of the largest libraries in the world?

Beyond Words is a crowdsourced initiative put forward by the National Library to enable people to engage with the past and help researchers and artists to better access and search the material. This sounds daunting, certainly, but the library breaks it up into three simple tasks that you can choose to do at your leisure:

  • Mark, wherein you highlight pictures on a page
  • Transcribe, where you write down the words you see in a picture that has been marked
  • Verify, where you check the work of the volunteers that have done the above options

Essentially, computers can’t really see what’s in a picture until you tell them. By following the three tasks, you can help to bring old newspapers into the modern age!

Be a part of history and try out Beyond Words today!

What do you get when you cross Freddie Mercury, Sherlock Holmes and the New Yorker?

It’s RBDigital

Keeping in the theme of expansions, our subscription to RBDigital has grown! In addition to magazines (Zinio), you can now use your RBDigital login to access Marvel comics, concerts and documentaries about musicians (Quello), and audiobooks of classic literature!

Access on your computer or by app. Since these features are available courtesy of the Ulster County Library Association, make sure when you log in to the app you choose Ulster County Libraries.

So, whether you’re interested in the latest Birds and Blooms Magazine, reading up on some Spider-Man, watching one of Queen’s original performances, or listening to Jane Eyre on audio, RBDigital has you covered.

Stay tuned! There are even more cool changes to come…


Oh, the Places You Might Go…Using CareerZone

Do you know what you want to do when you grow up?

CareerZone can help!

CareerZone is a service provided through the New York State Department of Labor that helps you explore and learn about career possibilities. It’s especially useful for the young and digitally savvy.

Browse through career paths by interest, or use their online interest and values assessment tool to look at jobs separated by education level.  Once you’ve seen some that look interesting, explore further! CareerZone offers in-depth looks at all sorts of careers, taking you through the basic responsibilities of the job in question, as well as average salary, future outlook, skills required, work environment, education level, and so much more!

If you’re wondering about your future career, start with CareerZone.

Q&A with Ken Green of Seedshed. Tuesday, March 26th, 6 PM

Ken Greene is the founder of the first seed library in the country, a project he germinated in a small town library, and co-founder of the Hudson Valley Seed Company, a national seed source devoted to producing seed for home gardeners and farmers and celebrating seeds through art. Greene is on the board of directors for the Organic Seed Alliance and is on the planning committee for the National Organic Seed Growers Conference. He has given presentations for the Northeast Organic Farming Association, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, Culinary Institute of America, Seed Savers Exchange, National Heirloom Expo, Cornell University, Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute, and many other conferences and organizations.

[#39 Indigenous People’s Land Management].

Books are a Riot

Do you like books? Do you like libraries?

Try BookRiot!

BookRiot is a news site geared toward book lovers. They have tons of book-related news and reviews, not to mention tons of cool opinion pieces, and lots of interesting podcasts. So, whether you want to know about the hottest new releases, an opinion piece on Why Writers should read Nonfiction, or a podcast about kidlit, BookRiot is a go-to source!

Overdrive Goes into Overdrive

Did you know overdrive has movies now? And a comic collection? And children’s and young adult materials? ¿Y Libros en Español? Isn’t that wild?

Overdrive, if you don’t know, is a resource for eBooks, Audiobooks, comics, and (now) movies, available for free with your library card! It has titles for adults, teens, and children. Access it through their website as well as through their official app and their streamlined Libby app (available for iPhone and android devices).

So, whether you’re in the mood for newest Ali Smith stories, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, a nonfiction audiobook about libraries, or a documentary by Michael Franti, Overdrive has you covered! There’s something for everyone. Read, listen, and watch anytime on almost any device.

A Visit from our neighbors at Farmstock Tuesday, March 12th at 6 PM

Photo credit = Farmstock

"Shortening the path from dirt to mouth not only has the benefits 
of providing more flavorful and nutritious foods to consumers, 
it is also more cost-efficient, environmentally sustainable, 
and can provide more jobs than the current mega-farming model 
that dominates the current agriculture industry."
- Kingston Happenings, Doers and Dreamers June 2018

#4 Plant-Rich Diet, #60 Composting

Curl Up and Watch a Movie with Kanopy!

Wish you could stream movies from home with your library card?

Now you can! Introducing Kanopy, a streaming service that partners with libraries to provide films that “inspire us, enrich us, and challenge our perspectives”.

Choose from over 30,000 films. Watch award-winners, international, series, classics, documentaries, and/or instructional films, right from your phone, tablet, and/or computer.

Have kids? They have a great selection of movies, series, animated classic books specially selected for children.

Here’s how it works: You get five movie passes a month, which you can use to stream any of the movies in Kanopy’s catalog. Once you make your selection, you can stream that movie as many times as you’d like for three days. If that’s not enough time, you can use another pass for another three days. Your passes refill on the first of the month.

Happy streaming~!

Speak Up For Libraries!


Advocacy Alert!

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently released his 2019-2020 Executive Budget proposal. The Governor pitched his Executive Budget as a “Democracy Agenda” — but it includes the third straight year of drastic cuts to library funding: a 5% cut to Library Aid and a $20M cut to Library Construction Aid.


Libraries are fundamental to democracy and education and we must guarantee information equity for all New Yorkers through investments in library services.  Library systems could see 4% or greater loss to all state aid funding categories, which affects programs for all of New York’s libraries, including public libraries.

Access to information is a fundamental human right. Rather than a of a cut to library aid, we need to see an investment and increase in library funding. State Library Aid must increase to provide school, public and academic libraries and library systems adequate funding to advance information fluency through collaborative action.

All day today hundreds of library staff, trustees, patrons, and friends from all around the state travel to Albany to meet with state Senators and Assemblymembers and make their voices heard. Please speak up and let your legislators know that state library aid must be increased in this year’s state budget:
Visit NYLA’s online advocacy center for easy to access pre-scripted letters to you local representatives.
Through Social Media – use the New York Library Association’s Virtual Advocacy Day Activities support page to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the word out about #NYLALAD19
Don’t forget to call your legislators so they can see the level of interest among their constituents when it comes to supporting libraries. Let them know that you support $200M for Statewide Library Aid and Restoration of State Aid for Public Library Construction Program to $75 million.
Assemblymember Cahill 518 455 4436
Senator Amedore 518 455 2350

Opposing viewpoints– from multiple sources!

Looking for cool sources on issues, but you want to explore it from every angle? Trying to get a quick feel for an issue and why people are arguing about it?


Much Like Opposing Viewpoints (a resource available to you through your library card), presents contemporary issues from multiple angles. Procon covers issues on all sorts of topics, from Abortion and Banned Books to the health benefits of milk. Each issue provides background information and multiple pros and cons to every issue, allowing its readers to draw their own conclusions from the information provided. Browse through a topic and gain a basic grasp on it and why it’s controversial.  It’s perfect for school research, debate projects and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in an increasingly partisan world.

Try it out!