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Senior Tech Skills Series Part 2

If you know an elder who is sitting out the spring due to the coronavirus, why not alleviate their boredom and help them learn a new skill from their home? All they need is a computer, an internet connection and this website to get started.


Skillful Senior is a site which focuses on instructing complete newcomers to computer navigation on the basic mechanics of the process, such as moving the mouse, typing on the keyboard and general ergonomics. Users are instructed in these basic skills through a combination of audio instruction and hands-on practice activities. These exercises can be repeated ad infinitum, so making mistakes is no hassle. Importantly, using the site is generally a straightforward process. Overall, this is a resource useful to seniors with no computer experience who struggle with the mechanics of computer usage.


If you or anyone you know is having tech issues take note that you can e-mail Josh at AT ANY TIME, and he will respond to your e-mails on Thursdays. You may also ask to join a zoom call with him (which will take place on Thursdays from 12PM-1PM) if you require more assistance. 

OverDrive Help Videos and Tech Time

Need Some Help Accessing Our Online Resources? This link, here, will take you to a help page where you can watch video tutorials on how to access and use online library resources including Libby and OverDrive. Clicking on Libby will open a tutorial video on how to use Libby on your phone. Clicking on Library Websites will open an instructional video on how to navigate to and through OverDrive via your library’s website. If you look at the sidebar on the right side of the screen, you will also see additional links providing information on troubleshooting, how to download Libby and more besides!


If you still would like some help, fear not! You can call in via Zoom to a Tech Time with Josh who will do his best to talk you through your technical troubleshooting starting on Thursday, 4/9/20, from 12-1 PM. 

Online Library Resources

Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring: grab your library card and check out some of these free resources the library has to offer! Read an ebook, research family genealogy, take an online class, learn a new language or stream an independent film–there’s something for everyone. Click here to get started.

Access Heritage Quest and Fold3 from Our Front Page

You can now access both of these genealogy research resources right on our front page! The links are just below the Kanopy logo on the right-hand side of the screen, you just need to scroll down a bit to access them. 


Need a refresher on what each service offers? 


HeritageQuest allows you to search for information about your relatives by looking through a variety of records, including US and Canadian censuses, Revolutionary War Era pensions, and the Freedman’s Bank. Information such as your relative’s full name, nationality, place and time of birth can be entered to narrow down your search. With some hunting around, you can discover what lies at the roots of your family tree!


Fold3 is another useful genealogy research tool focused on military records which provides convenient access to US military records, including the stories, photos and documents of the men and women who served in conflicts ranging from the Revolutionary War to Operation New Dawn. 


Use this time at home to learn about your roots!

Sign up for a temporary library card online!

Don’t have a library card? Forgot to renew your account but the library’s closed? Have no fear–temporary library card registration is here! Follow these steps to register for a temporary card online:

  1. Fill out and submit the online registration form.
  2. Follow instructions on the next page for your PIN setup.
  3. You’re all set! Now visit the library catalog to check out an e-book, listen to an e-audiobook, take an online class, stream a video and much more!

Your temporary card will be valid for 60 days. To convert your temporary card to a full use library card, please bring in proof of address when the library reopens. In the meantime, enjoy free access to electronic library resources with no strings attached!

2020 Census FAQ

Why should I take the census?


  • By participating you are securing additional funding for your community’s hospitals, fire departments, schools and roads as well as other social services.
  • You are also ensuring greater political representation for your community.


Is my privacy violated by the census?


  • Title 13 Section 9 ensures that all census data must be private, and cannot even be shared with other governmental organizations under penalty of law.
  • Strict policies and IT infrastructure safeguards maintain data security.
  • Questions about citizenship status WILL NOT appear on the 2020 census.


How can I respond to the census?


  • You can respond via phone by calling 844-330-2020.
  • You can respond through mail by sending a completed census form to the US Census Bureau.


Who needs to be counted when I respond to the census?


  • You should include everyone who regularly sleeps at your residence, even including: roommates, young children, newborns and anyone who is renting a space in your home. This includes non-citizens.
  • You DO NOT need to include students who dorm at a university, active military personnel, people in nursing facilities or people in correctional facilities.


How long do I have to respond to the census?


  • July 31, 2020 is still the last date for households to respond to the 2020 census. 




This weekend, the local landscape changed drastically in response to a growing number of confirmed cases of COVID19 in Ulster County. As a result,  the Ulster County Board of Health closed area school districts for the next two weeks.

This action is unprecedented and conveys the gravity of our shared circumstance. It became apparent that many community institutions need to close in order to limit gathering to slow and stop the spread of COVID19.

Therefore, we are suspending in-person services and closing our building to the public for two weeks starting Monday, March 16th. At the two week mark, we will reasses the situation.

This was not an easy decision, as we all know libraries by their nature strive to serve and support their communities, especially in times of crisis. In natural disasters, we work to stay open as a community meeting place, but in this odd time, that seems the less responsible option.

We know that how we serve will change and adapt to include ways that lessen exposure and flatten the curve during this difficult time.

You should keep all your materials (books and DVDs).

You will not be charged late fines.  Please do not use our drop box, it will be locked. We know how many of you value your library and work to get your items in by the due date, but please do not worry. In a few days, we will send out an email and will update the website and social media with more details.

We look forward to seeing you again, in person, and hopefully soon.

Please remember that we’re all in this together. Rather than fear separating us, it is just the opposite, it is our concern for each other and working toward slowing and stopping the spread of the COVID19 virus that keeps us apart at this time.

Please visit our webpage and our Facebook page for updates. We are working on an information sheet with online ways  to access services from home, you will see that soon.

All of us at the Town of Ulster Library 


Senior Tech Skills Series Part 1

If you know an elder who is sitting out the spring due to the coronavirus, why not alleviate their boredom and help them learn a new skill from their home? All they need is a computer, an internet connection and this website to get started.

So, what is this website? is an excellent resource offering free computer training aimed at complete newcomers, and seniors in particular. The website consists of a series of video tutorials (most of which are 5-10 minutes long) on a variety of tech subjects ranging from computers 101 to tutorial sets on software such as Microsoft Word. While the tips are focused on operating PCs, they also address other platforms and devices such as Alexa, iPhones and iPads. So check it out and help a senior citizen you know with a productive project! Or… if you are a senior and you’re looking at this tech post… you may be ahead of the game, but why not refine your skills and give the site a shot?!

Baby and me Story Hour is cancelled for tomorrow 3/11/2020

Baby and me Story Hour is cancelled for tomorrow 3/11/2020. Ms. Kelley is off this week, but we hope to be back to our regular schedule next week. Thank you!

WE WILL BE CLOSED FOR STAFF DAY on Tuesday, March 17th