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More Coding Opportunities! (No Library Card Needed)

Like coding? Looking to try it but don’t know where to start?

Check out Hour of Code, where there are loads of free, fun games that teach you how to code! You can filter games by level, device, length, and more.

Want some more coding inspiration? Check out our previous post about coding, or inquire about our after school program!

You can also click the picture below to try out a short game coded by one of our staff!

Teen Night- Wednesday, April 12th from 5:30pm-7:00pm

Work together to solve clues and “escape” the library!

Teen Night is a dedicated, safe time for tweens and teens to socialize. It is intended to specifically for teens to experience some freedom and independence, so registration is and attendance is limited to kids ages 9-15 years. (This is one program that is not open to bringing younger kids!)


Free maps!

Going hiking? Like knowing the terrain ahead of time? Love maps?

National Geographic’s got you covered!

They’ve rolled out a free service allowing you to download and print a topographical map of any place in the contiguous United States. Perfect for anyone going on a hike or nature photography expedition. Just click this link to get started!


Explore the Archives of History from Your Home

Looking for free, easy-to-cite pictures? Wonder what it was like to take a trip as an African American in the 1950s? Looking for some historic musical pieces that’ll really knock peoples’ socks off? Like to explore old buildings (without going down to NYC)?

It’s easier than ever, thanks to our friends at the New York Public Library! They’ve just added over 180,000 items to their digital collection of public domain materials as well as tons of cool new features!

You can learn more and start exploring by clicking right here.


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Just added : La Hora del Quento- Bilingual Story Hour

Just added

Saturday, March 25, 2017 –

La Hora del Quento-
Bilingual Story Hour

11:00 am hosted by Ulster County Community Action

Big Library Read- Art of the Pie

Looking to try out Libby? Don’t know what to read?

Try Art of the Pie, part of OverDrive’s Big Library Read! For a limited time, OverDrive is offering unlimited downloads on Kate McDermott’s delicious pie cookbook. What better time to try out OverDrive’s brand new app on your iPhone or android device?

Have any questions? See our previous posts on OverDrive/Libby, or ask anyone at the desk.

Opening later than normal tomorrow (3/22), at 1 p.m.

Reminder that we will open later than normal tomorrow (3/22), at 1 p.m.
The whole staff have an important development / training course to participate in.
The library is open until 8 pm tonight.
Thank you and see you soon!
Pick me, pick me!

THE SPIRITUALITY OF HEALTH ::: Monday, March 20th at 5:30 PM. FREE

THE SPIRITUALITY OF HEALTH, Notes from Life’s Handbook on Wellness

Celebrate the start of Spring with a Special Talk with Thurman Greco, author of A Healer’s Handbook

Monday, March 20th at 5:30 PM. FREE

Discover how you can be the healthiest person possible. Drawing on experience gained from her career in the healing arts, Thurman Greco shares knowledge about wellness and how we define our spirituality in disease.
Learn practical things you need to ease your symptoms, promote healing…with information you can use right now, she offers proven ways to achieve your wellness goals so you can get health and stay healthy.

Light refreshments will be served.

Special Story Hour- Saturday, March 18th at 11:00am

Celebrate the coming of spring with stories, songs, a craft, and a snack! This program is free and open to families of all ages!

Parents, story hour can enhance language proficiency, grow literary insight, promote communication skills, encourage imagination and creativity, and make academic learning easier (!

For more information on the benefits of attending story hour, view the link below!

Good Afternoon! We are open!

Thank you Town of Ulster Highway Dept. and Ulster excavating!