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The National Film Board of Canada

If you’re looking to watch something fun or learn something new, you should look into the National Film Board of Canada, linked here. This is an online streaming platform that allows you to watch movies of all different genres, time periods, durations and topics entirely for free. It’s a great resource for documentaries, kids’ entertainment or even animated shorts. June is pride month, so you might consider celebrating by watching one of the many films on their LGBTQ2+ list. Canada’s National Film Board offers a veritable cornucopia of options, so why not give it a shot?

Building a Better Community through Education: Empatico

If you are an educator for students ages 6-11 looking to wind down the school year with a fun lesson plan aimed at connecting students across national and cultural boundaries, you should check out Empatico. Empatico, linked here, is a free online platform where educators throughout the world can coordinate to synchronize their classrooms across borders and oceans via live video. This is an excellent opportunity for students to gain a new global perspective, build cross-cultural interpersonal skills, and grow on a socio-emotional level. Empatico will not only connect you with a teacher of your choice across the globe, but also provide educational resources as well as a ‘tech test’ to make sure there are no technical hiccups once you get started. So why not check it out and give your students a lesson in empathy that they will remember!

Building a Better Community through Education: Teaching Tolerance

It is now as important as ever to help build a community based on mutual respect, cooperation, and understanding. One of the most important ways to forge these communal links is through education. If you are an educator or a parent, you should check out Teaching Tolerance, linked here. This site provides free educational resources for teaching topics (K-12) related to class, ethnic, religious, and sexual diversity. It includes everything from a ‘Text Graffiti’ activity on the history of American segregation, through an exploration of gender stereotypes through role play. You can even download a PDF of the latest issue of the Teaching Tolerance magazine for free, here. Take a look and lend a hand in building the foundation for a better tomorrow. 

Keep Your Local Bookstore Afloat with

This week, we will be continuing with the theme of supporting your local bookstore. So if you are looking for a quick and easy way to find and purchase from a bookstore near you, you should check out, linked here. Upon entering the site you will see at the top of your screen the site logo, links to social media, ‘Browse’ and  ‘Find A Bookstore’. This last option is a quick and easy way to find the independent bookstores near you so that you can decide where to schedule your next curbside pickup. Speaking of which, the store locator of course links to the bookstore’s website so that you can check hours and item availability. So why not try it, and buy locally while shopping from home?


Here is the link for those who would like a copy of all handouts and PowerPoint from our Reduce Food Waste presentation!

Find Local Businesses to Support with SaveYourBookstore

The spread of COVID-19 has had a financial impact on us all, but in this age of quarantine few struggle more than small businesses. And among small businesses, independent bookstores can be some of the hardest hit by our health crisis. Many bookstores have been forced to reduce staff and operations to the bare essentials, even as they fight to continue supporting their customers through the pandemic. Others have been forced to close altogether. Yet, even with the odds stacked against them, some bookstores have managed to make a tremendous comeback as a result of their community’s support. 


If you would like to help a local bookstore get back to its feet, you should check out SaveYourBookstore. This is a free site designed to help you locate small, independently owned bookstores in your area. You can simply search for a business by your location, select a bookstore that interests you and find out the information you need to support them, including shipping policies and social media links. You can check it out with this link, here

Protect Yourself from Misinformation with NewsGuard

The spread of COVID-19 has doubtless left many of us uncertain and grasping for information. Where did the disease come from? How serious is it? What are the safety measures that I need to take? It’s natural to turn to the internet to answer these burning questions, but not all sources carry reliable information. So, what to do then? 

Well, you can check out NewsGuard, a browser extension which evaluates the reliability and transparency of online news sites. NewsGuard’s analysis of news sources revolves around a number of factors including the source in question’s business model, instances of publishing false content, and full disclosure of financing. Once you’ve installed the browser extension, you will be able to see the NewsGuard rating of different sites, indicated by a shield at the top right of your screen near the search bar. If you click on this icon, NewsGuard will give you a breakdown of the site in question’s reliability metrics as well as an overall grade out of 100. You can also learn further information by checking out NewGuard’s ‘Nutrition Label’ for the source, which offers a more detailed explanation of each rating and sources to support the site’s evaluation. 

If you’re interested in NewsGuard, you can download it or learn more about it at this link, here. Due to circumstances surrounding the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, this service is currently free until July 1st, so be sure to check it out soon if you are interested.

Senior Tech Skills Series Part 4

This time on the Senior Tech Skills Series we’re going to be taking a look at Microsoft Accessibility, an excellent resource for optimizing the settings of your PC. This site is exclusively for Windows users, but has valuable information on navigating PC settings and shortcuts. You can find the link to the website, here.


Microsoft Accessibility is an excellent resource for both seniors who may have difficulty seeing or hearing the projections of their computers as well as those with learning disabilities. The site guides you step by step through changing settings to suit your particular needs, whether by boosting color contrast, enlarging and differentiating text and icons on your screen, or auto-generating captions for videos. Besides assisting with your PC settings, Microsoft Accessibility also offers guides to navigating Microsoft software, like Office 365, with greater ease. So, if you or anyone you know has difficulty using the computer due to issues with vision, hearing, or mental health be sure to check out Microsoft Accessibility. 


And just as a reminder, if you or anyone you know is having tech issues take note that you can e-mail Josh at AT ANY TIME, and he will respond to your e-mails on Thursdays. You may also ask to join a zoom call with him (which will take place on Thursdays from 12PM-1PM) if you require more assistance.

Introducing Hoopla!

If you’re finding yourself reaching your wit’s end looking for entertainment during quarantine, fear not because your library card has you covered! The Town of Ulster Library is proud to present Hoopla, our newest media streaming platform!


So what does Hoopla offer? Well, Hoopla has everything from e-books and audiobooks, to shows and movies, to even e-comics and music! What’s more, Hoopla allows you to instantly borrow up to 8 titles each month; there are no waitlists or late fees to worry about. But that’s not all, as during this extraordinary time Hoopla is offering Bonus Borrows, which is a collection of top rated items which you can borrow without taking up one of your 8 monthly slots! 


Hoopla is a whole new world of entertainment unlocked by your library card, so why not check it out? You can find the link on the front page of our website, or you can just click the link, here.