Delve Through History with the Help of /r/AskHistorians!

It’s at last 2021, a new year, and if you’re feeling retrospective /r/AskHistorians may be the place for you. AskHistorians is a subreddit (basically a sub-forum on the site where moderator verified academic experts from a variety of fields answer questions about history. You can choose to either browse the vast archive of existing questions or create a reddit account to ask your own questions, all for free.


Flaired experts exist in every category of historical inquiry, from Tudor-Stuart Politics & Society, to Heian – Edo Japanese Arms & Armor, and beyond. These academics will answer questions in painstaking detail and cite sources in support of their statements, in case you were in doubt. If you’d like to see how intricate and interesting these discussions can be, check out Professor Alex Wellerstein’s video lecture on ‘The Atomic Bomb and Visions of the New Post War Order’, found on the /r/AskHistorians Youtube channel as part of their first digital conference.


But if you’re more interested in plumbing the depths of human history by reading on your own, /r/AskHistorians still has you covered. Their booklist provides a catalogue of starting points for any historical journey, from a dive into Icelandic Sagas to an exploration of Zimbabwean independence. There’s more history to look back on now than ever before, so why not enlist professional aid to guide your search?