Explore the Chronicles of the Internet with Archive.org

Looking for an ebook or audiobook right now? Maybe a clip from an old TV broadcast or a nostalgic kid’s movie? Or what about a song from a live music collection or an old website? Well, check out Archive.org, it’s a fantastic resource for, well, just about everything!

Archive.org is a free online resource which supports a vast selection of materials from multiple digital collections. This includes everything from over 4 million items from American and Canadian libraries, to a TV Archive consisting of more than 8 million video clips, to even a massive catalog of Grateful Dead recordings. The site also features the ‘Wayback Machine’, a tool which can be used to search through the annals of internet history to see how the digital landscape has changed over the years. 

To borrow materials, you just need to sign up to their website for free with your e-mail address. Once verified, you can borrow ebooks immediately for an hour or join a waiting list to check them out for two weeks. And that’s besides the plethora of other resources which you can view at any time!