The Pulitzer Center

The Pulitzer Center is an online educational resource which raises awareness for under-reported global issues and supports quality journalism through programs, lesson plans, and other resources. You can check out the link, here. Both children and adults can learn a great deal from the site’s material, which includes a series of articles written by student fellows which cover topics ranging from the fight to preserve biodiversity in Ecuador’s rain forests,  to the legacy of colonial violence in Guyana, to even the difficulties of studying whales during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Pulitzer Center has also launched several e-books on topics such as environmental degradation and humanitarian crises which are available for free on iTunes and Atavist, you can browse those titles here. There are also a treasure trove of lesson plans, activities and handouts for educators to utilize in classrooms, including printable worksheets, essay ideas, extension activities and additional resources for research. One excellent example is this lesson plan on the legacy of slavery in American prison systems, but there are many other building blocs for lesson plans which you can look at here