Protect Yourself from Misinformation with NewsGuard

The spread of COVID-19 has doubtless left many of us uncertain and grasping for information. Where did the disease come from? How serious is it? What are the safety measures that I need to take? It’s natural to turn to the internet to answer these burning questions, but not all sources carry reliable information. So, what to do then? 

Well, you can check out NewsGuard, a browser extension which evaluates the reliability and transparency of online news sites. NewsGuard’s analysis of news sources revolves around a number of factors including the source in question’s business model, instances of publishing false content, and full disclosure of financing. Once you’ve installed the browser extension, you will be able to see the NewsGuard rating of different sites, indicated by a shield at the top right of your screen near the search bar. If you click on this icon, NewsGuard will give you a breakdown of the site in question’s reliability metrics as well as an overall grade out of 100. You can also learn further information by checking out NewGuard’s ‘Nutrition Label’ for the source, which offers a more detailed explanation of each rating and sources to support the site’s evaluation. 

If you’re interested in NewsGuard, you can download it or learn more about it at this link, here. Due to circumstances surrounding the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, this service is currently free until July 1st, so be sure to check it out soon if you are interested.