Senior Tech Skills Series Part 4

This time on the Senior Tech Skills Series we’re going to be taking a look at Microsoft Accessibility, an excellent resource for optimizing the settings of your PC. This site is exclusively for Windows users, but has valuable information on navigating PC settings and shortcuts. You can find the link to the website, here.


Microsoft Accessibility is an excellent resource for both seniors who may have difficulty seeing or hearing the projections of their computers as well as those with learning disabilities. The site guides you step by step through changing settings to suit your particular needs, whether by boosting color contrast, enlarging and differentiating text and icons on your screen, or auto-generating captions for videos. Besides assisting with your PC settings, Microsoft Accessibility also offers guides to navigating Microsoft software, like Office 365, with greater ease. So, if you or anyone you know has difficulty using the computer due to issues with vision, hearing, or mental health be sure to check out Microsoft Accessibility. 


And just as a reminder, if you or anyone you know is having tech issues take note that you can e-mail Josh at AT ANY TIME, and he will respond to your e-mails on Thursdays. You may also ask to join a zoom call with him (which will take place on Thursdays from 12PM-1PM) if you require more assistance.