Senior Tech Skills Series Part 2

If you know an elder who is sitting out the spring due to the coronavirus, why not alleviate their boredom and help them learn a new skill from their home? All they need is a computer, an internet connection and this website to get started.


Skillful Senior is a site which focuses on instructing complete newcomers to computer navigation on the basic mechanics of the process, such as moving the mouse, typing on the keyboard and general ergonomics. Users are instructed in these basic skills through a combination of audio instruction and hands-on practice activities. These exercises can be repeated ad infinitum, so making mistakes is no hassle. Importantly, using the site is generally a straightforward process. Overall, this is a resource useful to seniors with no computer experience who struggle with the mechanics of computer usage.


If you or anyone you know is having tech issues take note that you can e-mail Josh at AT ANY TIME, and he will respond to your e-mails on Thursdays. You may also ask to join a zoom call with him (which will take place on Thursdays from 12PM-1PM) if you require more assistance.