2020 Census FAQ

Why should I take the census?


  • By participating you are securing additional funding for your community’s hospitals, fire departments, schools and roads as well as other social services.
  • You are also ensuring greater political representation for your community.


Is my privacy violated by the census?


  • Title 13 Section 9 ensures that all census data must be private, and cannot even be shared with other governmental organizations under penalty of law.
  • Strict policies and IT infrastructure safeguards maintain data security.
  • Questions about citizenship status WILL NOT appear on the 2020 census.


How can I respond to the census?


  • You can respond via phone by calling 844-330-2020.
  • You can respond through mail by sending a completed census form to the US Census Bureau.


Who needs to be counted when I respond to the census?


  • You should include everyone who regularly sleeps at your residence, even including: roommates, young children, newborns and anyone who is renting a space in your home. This includes non-citizens.
  • You DO NOT need to include students who dorm at a university, active military personnel, people in nursing facilities or people in correctional facilities.


How long do I have to respond to the census?


  • July 31, 2020 is still the last date for households to respond to the 2020 census.