Senior Tech Skills Series Part 1

If you know an elder who is sitting out the spring due to the coronavirus, why not alleviate their boredom and help them learn a new skill from their home? All they need is a computer, an internet connection and this website to get started.

So, what is this website? is an excellent resource offering free computer training aimed at complete newcomers, and seniors in particular. The website consists of a series of video tutorials (most of which are 5-10 minutes long) on a variety of tech subjects ranging from computers 101 to tutorial sets on software such as Microsoft Word. While the tips are focused on operating PCs, they also address other platforms and devices such as Alexa, iPhones and iPads. So check it out and help a senior citizen you know with a productive project! Or… if you are a senior and you’re looking at this tech post… you may be ahead of the game, but why not refine your skills and give the site a shot?!