Online Learning

Life is tough. We get it. There are so many things to know, and it can be overwhelming trying to take it all in.

Lucky for us, is here to help out! They’ve got classes on pretty much everything, from addition and subtraction to Microsoft Word and Excel, to writing a resume, to, well, you get the idea. All of their lessons break down their topics in such a way that even beginners can understand them, and they often come with video, for more visual learners. And it’s all free! What could be better?

Speaking of free online lessons, remember that you can always check out Universal Class with your library card. The lessons offered through us go into greater depth than the tutorials on GCFGlobal. They also have instructors so you can get feedback and ask questions as well as get a certificate of completion. So, if you see a topic that piques your interest, and you want even more information, make sure to check that out!

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