Introducing– Auto Renewal!

Let your memory relax, Auto Renewals are here. This means pretty much exactly what it sounds like: If you’ve got a book out, and available for renewal, it’ll do so automatically!

Here’s how it works: Two days before your item is due, you will receive an email letting you know your items have been renewed. If you don’t have an email on file with us, your items will still renew, but we won’t be able to contact you!

Your item is eligible for Auto Renewal as long as:

  • Your card is not expired
  • You owe less than $10.00 in fines
  • Your item has not been renewed too many times, and
  • Your item does not have holds on it

Enjoy your extra time with your items and fewer late fines! It’s the Mid-Hudson Library System’s way of saying we care about our patrons.