Sleuth out AcornTV…

Right from your computer!

Our subscription to RBDigital just got expanded again! In addition to offering free magazines, comics, and audiobooks, the online service also gives you access to AcornTV, a premier source of British television for American audiences. You can stream hundreds of fantastic British TV shows on any device with an internet connection. Plus, if you’ve already taken advantage of RBDigital’s other offerings, you don’t even need to create a new account! it’s all covered under the same login.

Your library card allows access to two RBDigital channels a month, which in this case would refer to your acornTV Subscription. You can check out a channel for one week.

So, if you’re in the mood for a nail-biting mystery, a classic work of Russian literature brought to life, or a deep dive into the search for Scotland’s most famous cryptid, RBDigital and AcornTV have you covered.

Remember to stay tuned! There’s even more yet to come from RBDigital. Next week: Great Courses!