The Library of Congress wants YOU…

…To help them out with the digitization of newspapers!

What better way to celebrate National Library Week than to help out one of the largest libraries in the world?

Beyond Words is a crowdsourced initiative put forward by the National Library to enable people to engage with the past and help researchers and artists to better access and search the material. This sounds daunting, certainly, but the library breaks it up into three simple tasks that you can choose to do at your leisure:

  • Mark, wherein you highlight pictures on a page
  • Transcribe, where you write down the words you see in a picture that has been marked
  • Verify, where you check the work of the volunteers that have done the above options

Essentially, computers can’t really see what’s in a picture until you tell them. By following the three tasks, you can help to bring old newspapers into the modern age!

Be a part of history and try out Beyond Words today!