Find your Next Good Movie!

Are you crippled with indecision? Can’t find anything good to watch on TV?

Try A Good Movie to Watch!

A Good Movie to Watch is an aggregate site filled to the brim with movie suggestions from both users and staff, separated by tons of different categories. There are the obvious ones, like Action, Comedy, and Drama, but they also get more specific. Feeling Happy? Try Song of the Sea!  Feeling sad? Try Brigsby Bear! you can also get completely random suggestions, if you so choose.

Once you have your recommendation, aGMtW will show you on which platforms the movie or show is streaming, saving you yet more hassle! Of course, if you don’t want to stream it, you can always come to the library and pick it up on DVD or Blu Ray. Regardless of the way you watch movies, A Good Movie to Watch is your one-stop shop for good recommendations.

Give it a try! It beats staring blankly at your Netflix recommendations.