Expand Your Universe with Universal Class

Continuing your education can be tough, particularly when you don’t know where to start. There are countless free online learning opportunities out there, but many charge money for homework feedback, help, scoring, and certificates.

Universal Class can help!

Universal Class is an online education tool, offering hundreds of classes with the option for credit. The classes offered cover a huge range of topics, including everything from HTML and Excel courses to Wedding Planning 101. The courses themselves are worded in accessible language, allowing anybody to take part, and you can choose between being graded for credit and just looking at their informational videos. The best part? it’s all free with your library card! No need to worry about taking expensive classes from your local college.

To access Universal Class, click this link, enter your library card, go through the steps provided to create an account, and start learning. Expand your life, expand your career, or just have fun!