How to Fact Check! Part 9: Checking website bias

So we’ve figured out how to check an individual claim, but we haven’t really touched on the idea of media bias. Luckily for us, Media Bias Fact Check is here to help!

Media bias fact check is a website that ranks other websites based on their tendency for biased reporting. For example, is considered to be mostly non-biased. If you’re curious about their conclusions, here’s their Methodology.

It’s important to note that a website’s bias is not necessarily indicative of their article’s accuracy. Reality is complex. There are many sides to every story. Two articles can cover the same event, tell different stories, and still both be factual. Everyone has an opinion. Media Bias Fact Check, like many of the other websites we’ve provided over the last few weeks, is a tool to help you make informed decisions online and should be used in conjunction with claim-checking sites to get a full picture of a website’s veracity.