How to Fact Check! Part 4: Evaluating an Article

So you’ve become an expert fact checker, and you come across an article that seems a little suspect. How can you tell if a certain article is legitimate without turning to fact-checking sources like Snopes? A great way to find out for yourself is to look at the way the article itself is formed.

To make things easy, we’ve pulled information from This great article and infographic on Here are some highlights:

  • Make sure the headline matches the content of the article.
  • Make sure there’s an author: if there’s a name, there’s credibility, as you can look up all their past articles with a google search.
  • Look for references and citations.  Make sure the information you take in is backed up by a credible source.
  • Make sure quotes are given in context. You can make anyone say anything with a little selective editing.
  • Does the article sound ridiculous? It probably is. Remember to use your common sense as well as fact-checking tools.

For more information, Check out this blog post from easybib going into greater detail.

Here’s an example of how easy it is to make up news! Make sure you stay critical.