Calling all Birdwatchers!

Want to give back to your (bird-related) community?

There are tons of things you can do locally to help scientists worldwide! Today we’re going to be talking about ways you can help ornithologists, or bird scientists.

First, check out eBird! Through eBird, you can up your birding game close to home while helping out scientists worldwide! Find and Identify birds, and then share your findings online! Easy, fun, and for a good cause: according to the website, the information you help collect is used in “hundreds of conservation decisions and peer-reviewed papers, thousands of student projects, and [to] help inform research worldwide.” Check out their website for more details!

If you’re a real birding fanatic, Mohonk Preserve is looking for bird watchers!  through their website. you can learn how to volunteer for projects like the Peregrine watch, hawk watch, and the Bluebird Trail!

Everybody can participate in scientific discovery. Get out there and play a role!