Tax resources!

Tax season is upon us again. Be prepared!

The IRS website is the best place to pick up federal forms. From there, you can either fill out your forms online, print them out, or have them mailed to your house! You can also get instruction booklets as epub ebooks, readable on most computers, tablets, and smartphones.

They also have more accessible forms, including large print files, and files that work with screen reading technology and refreshable braille displays!

If you’re looking for state forms, the New York State Department of Finance website is your best option. Like the IRS, you can either print out your forms or fill them out online.

If you don’t want to bother with the websites and don’t need instruction booklets, we’re also more than happy to print out any forms you need here at the library. If you’re over 50 and would like some help, you can call 845-443-8823 to schedule a free Tax preparation and E-filing appointment through AARP.