Small PDF- a One-Stop Shop for All Your PDF-Related Needs

Image files are tough. Nobody likes to deal with them. What’s the difference between PNGs, JPGs, and PDFs? And why do job websites only seem to accept PDFs?

Introducing SmallPDF!

With smallPDF, you can change JPG or PNG files, as well as microsoft word, powerpoint, or excel documents into PDFs. Perfect for saving job applications or other official documents into a format that can’t be edited or tampered with.

Accidentally save your resume only as a PDF? Need to edit the resume you have saved as a PDF? Is Facebook only letting you post an image as a JPG? Need to combine separate PDFs into one PDF?

Have no fear! solves all of these problems and more! It’s a free, easy-to-use website that converts files into the format you need! Just go to the website by following any of the links in this post and click on the function you’d like the use!