Libraries save Real People Real Dollars!


Libraries save Real People Real Dollars!

Even so, the Governor’s proposed budget reduces library funding to 2015 levels, so now is our time to show support!

Dozens of library advocates are traveling to Albany TODAY to speak with legislators and enlist them to help us fight the Governor’s proposed cuts to library aid. Even if you are not traveling to Albany, YOU can still help this week!

The simplest way is to send a pre-scripted letter to your local reps, and the New York Library Association, (NYLA) has done all the work for you! Just visit the Online Advocacy Center here

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Or better yet, call your state representatives’ Albany office and let them know how you feel about the Governor’s proposed cut to library aid. Contact info for legislators is available on the Mid Hudson Library System site, just look for your library!